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After dark the Vilnius Old Town becomes busy with nightlife. There are a lot of clubs, bars, restaurants, pubs for every taste.

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About Us.

If you have traveled before, you probably know how much time it takes to prepare for a trip yourself. Do not waist a minute planning anymore. We can take over all the concerns of your trip to Vilnius for only a symbolic price. After hearing your expectations we will offer the best plan to explore and discover real Vilnius in just a few days.
This idea has aroused after numerous independently planned trips, which has shaped the understanding that travelling is more likely to be filled with great impressions and least disappointments if the information about a country is received from a local, who, given your expectations and financial resources, recommends the best places in and around an town/area.
Enjoyvilnius has a dynamic and easygoing team that is always ready and willing to help you with any wish and requirement.

Why you should visit to Vilnius?

1. The Old Town in Lithuania's capital is a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are a lot of different architecture to see. It has many biuldings that date back to the 13th century and encompasses 74 quarters and 70 streets with over 1400 buildings. The one that like travelling to see the cities, old buildings, churches and hear some history behind it - Vilnius is the best place to be.
2. Nightlife. After dark the Vilnius Old Town becomes busy with nightlife. There are a lot of clubs, bars, restaurants, pubs for every taste. You can choose from restaurants, beers pubs with Lithuanian style, Irish pubs, dancing places, undergrounding clubs and a lot more. Everyone to find a place that is right for you for a memorable night out.
3. Celebrate your party in Vilnius. (stag /hen party/ party whith friends) Vilnius offers a fantastic range of activities at very attractive prices. Now is the best time to visit Vilnius and get price and quality ratio.
4. Beer and fried bread. If you are a real beer gourmand and you can not resist plenty kinds of this drink or simply whish to try something new, than Vilnius is the place where you should come. Lithuania has a vibrant local beer industry different to any other European country, and a tradition surrounding it that is wholly unique. The most popular beer snack is the famous fried bread with garlic. Well prepared fried bread has a crunchy crust and nicely complements the taste of beer- you just have to try it.
5. You can admire breathtaking views of old and new from above. From the tower of Gediminas Castle visitors presented with breathtaking views of the baroque Vilnius Old Town. In Vilnius you can enjoy flying over the city in a hot air balloon. It flights normally take place early in the morning ( 1-2 hours after sunrise) and in the evening (1-2 hours prior to the sunset).
6. Lithuanian food is delicious. The local favourite main course would probably be a cepelinai. These are big potato dumplings stuffed with meat or curd, and served with sour cream and crispy bits of cubed bacon. And don't miss try saltibarsciai, a cold soup of minced beets, cucumber, dill and a hard boiled egg.
7. Vilnius is brimming with history and museums. The Museum of Genocide Victims is housed in a former KGB Headquarters and it is dedicated to the Lithuanians who were imprisoned, deported or murdered from WWII through the 1960 s. The Amber museum. Everyone, who is eager to find out about 50 million years old Baltic amber, is welcome to hear about history about amber origin, differences in form, size and colour. The Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum which documents the shocking details of Lithuanian Jewish Life during the Holocaust.
8. If you are fond of shopping, Vilnius is the right place for you. The city offers a good selection of high-end fashion design shops, both international and local brands. The fact that Vilnius has a reputation for being one of the cheapest big cities in Europe might also come as a big plus.
9. Uzupis republic. A part of Old Town. The area occupied by artists, dreamers, squatters and drunks. In 1998, the residents unofficially declared the area to be an independent republic, with its own president, anthem, flag, and constitution

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We provide brief consultations about accommodation, transportation, dining, nightlife, shopping in Vilnius, and are pleased to assist on any other query to facilitate your trip.

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We will plan your stay in Vilnius. After considering your expectations, we will prepare the most suitable plan what, when and where to see/do.

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We will organize a bachelorette/bachelor party, friends weekend or any other occasion in a way to remember.